Hydrogen and HCNG standards

Modifications on vehicular use of hydrogen standards in ISO TC197

Posted By NGV Global, Sunday, 27 January 2013

ISO TC197 – Hydrogen Technologies has undergone a change of leadership. The new Chairman is Andrei Tchouvelev and the new Secretary is Jim Ferrero, both of Canada. They replace Randy Dey and Sylvie Gingras respectively.

The new leadership has proposed to modify two works in progress related to the vehicular use of hydrogen and hydrogen blends with natural gas.

The modification or cancellation of projects of ISO 15869, “Gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends – Land vehicle fuel tanks”  and of ISO 20100 “Gaseous hydrogen – Fuelling stations were submitted to a one month ballot among committee members. Both cancellations were approved with a vast majority of votes. The only member voting against the cancellations was Argentina.

Result of voting for ISO 15869 and  ISO 20100 confirmed the proposals from the TC leadership. A request for new work item proposals (NWIP) will soon be sent out to the members .


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