NGV Statistics

Welcome to the NGV Global Statistics Webpage. Data is the most recent available. Best endeavours are used to source data from government and trade sources, where possible, but without any guarantee of accuracy.

Additional information is only available to members of NGV Global. Inquiries to [email protected].

Worldwide NGV Statistics

Data updated 30 November, 2018

   Natural Gas Vehicles:               26,455,793
   Natural Gas Fueling Stations:                      31,246

Regional Growth

NGVs Stations
   ASIA-PACIFIC    18,509,677       18,735
   EUROPE      1,863,167         4,893
   NORTH AMERICA         205,000         1,930
   LATIN AMERICA      5,621,350         5,480
   AFRICA         256,599            208

‘NGVs’ is all land-based motor vehicles, from two wheelers through to off-road. It includes OEM vehicles, factory-approved conversions and post-sale conversions. Fuels include CNG, LNG and biomethane (RNG).

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