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South Korea

The IGU is delighted that the Korea Gas Union has accepted the invitation to hold and to organise the conference IGRC2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea between from 19-21 October 2011. This guarantees a professionally-organised conference in a pleasant environment.

Includes a dedicated session on natural gas vehicles – “Where are natural gas vehicles taking the gas industry?”

More than ever, the global gas industry must continue and indeed strengthen past investment trends in research and development (R&D) if it wishes to fulfil what the world expects from us, in terms of energy and environmental sustainability, namely a contribution to the security of supply, an improvement in overall energy system efficiency, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Technological success must not be taken for granted; it must be nurtured through research and development focused on basic science, as well as technological breakthroughs. However, at the end of the day, the key factor in ensuring the interest of the industry is a clear link to the needs of the market.

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