International Gas Union

NGV Global is officially affiliated with the International Gas Union (IGU). The objective of IGU is to promote the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. IGU has 79 Charter members and 38 Associate members in 78 countries. It cooperates with many global energy organisations. IGU’s working organisation covers all domains of the gas industry from exploration and production of natural gas on- or offshore, pipeline and piped distribution systems to customers’ premises and combustion of the gas at the point of use.

Within the IGU is a Study Group (5.3) specifically dedicated to Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) of which NGV Global is a participating member. The Study Group works on a three year triennium program, in sync with the IGU’s three year triennium cycle. The current cycle commenced in 2012 and will conclude in 2015. The draft theme for SG 5.3 for the current triennium is “To advocate expansion of the use of natural gas by on- and off-road, marine/inland waters, airborne, railroad, farming vehicles thus making world mobility cleaner, safer and cheaper.”

Participation in the Study Group is open to all NGV industry members from any country. Interested participants can contact the Study Group Chairman, Mr Olivier Bordelanne or the Vice Chairman, Mr David Graebe, for details of how to participate. NGV Global members can also view documentation from the Study Group within the portal on the IGU SG 5.3 page (login required).

Previous reports completed by the Study Group can be downloaded below:

IGUWorking Group 5, Study Group 5.3 2009-2012 Triennium Final Report

IGUWorking Group 5, Study Group 5.3 2006-2009 Triennium Final Report

IGUWorking Group 5, Study Group 5.3 2003-2006 Triennium Final Report

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