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International Gas Union (IGU) & Transport | NGV Global - natural gas vehicle association

International Gas Union (IGU) & Transport

NGV Global is officially affiliated with the International Gas Union (IGU). The objective of IGU is to promote the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. Founded in 1931, IGU has 90 Charter members, 12 Premium Associate Members and 60 Associate members in 90 countries. They are made up of associations and corporations of the gas industry representing over 97% of the global gas market. 

IGU cooperates with many global energy organisations. IGU’s working organisation covers all domains of the gas industry from exploration and production of natural gas on- or offshore, pipeline and piped distribution systems to customers’ premises and combustion of the gas at the point of use, including a strong commitment to natural gas as a fuel for transportation.


The 2018-2021 Utilization Committee will focus on the new role of renewable gases in the industry. During the energy transition, the use of renewable gases is expected to be a key factor and new technologies will help insure a more efficient and safe utilization of gas. The IGU expects to increase emphasis on renewable energies and new technologies during the 2018-2021 triennium.

The Utilization Committee is chaired by Carlos Serrano Tarafa, Infrastructure Development Process Director – Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain.


The transport study group falls under this committee. NGV Global is a participating member of IGU’s SG 3 on Natural Gas For Transport, which works on a three-year program in sync with the IGU’s triennium cycle.

Terms of reference for Study Group 3 – Natural Gas for Transport:

  • RNG in urban mobility as key factor for air quality improvement
  • Biogas and RNG production for mobility and transportation
  • Solutions for improving NG advocacy throughout renewable gases
  • New technologies for maritime transport and other uses with NG
  • Block chain: solutions for mobility & smart energy contracts
  • The GHG and air emissions benefits of gas in transport modes (CNG & LNG)

Further details about this committee can be found in the Triennial Work Program 2018-2021.

Previous reports completed by the Study Group can be downloaded below:

2015-2018 Triennium Final Report: Natural Gas – The Fuel of Choice Towards Clean Mobility (WC 5.3 on Natural Gas for Transport)

2012-2015 Triennium Work Report – Natural Gas Vehicles: The Sustainable Road Towards a Clean Planet

2009-2012 Triennium Final Report (Working Group 5, Study Group 5.3)

2006-2009 Triennium Final Report (Working Group 5, Study Group 5.3)

2003-2006 Triennium Final Report (Working Group 5, Study Group 5.3)

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