ACT Expo 2018

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Date(s) - 30 Apr 2018 until 3 May 2018

Long Beach Convention Center



Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo: All weight classes and alternative fuel types are represented—electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, and renewable fuels—providing a one-stop shop for fleets to learn how to reduce costs and emissions.



With the continued focus on cost-effective investments, increased vehicle efficiency and improved environmental performance, fleets are turning to alternative fuels. In recent years North America seen ultra-clean natural gas and propane vehicle technology make incredible strides. Even more recently has been the rapid development of renewable fuel options that can provide dramatic greenhouse gas reductions. But which fuel and vehicle type is best for your fleet? This track will cover the following:

  • Fleet success stories – showcasing real world successes and challenges that fleets have experienced in transitioning to sustainable fuels
  • Maintenance considerations – handling maintenance of vehicles with different fuel systems and storage tanks, which impact oil-change intervals and the useful life of an engine
  • Regulatory requirements – addressing regulatory pressure through cleaner vehicle technology and fuels
  • Fleet procurement initiatives – highlighting efforts to aggregate purchases and change procurement efforts to better suit emerging technologies
  • Infrastructure development—understanding current infrastructure solutions and needs to address the fleet market
  • Funding acquisition—addressing the different ways to reduce the upfront cost of vehicles and infrastructure

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