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ISO TC220 – Cryogenic Vessels posted new Documents

Posted By NGV Global, Monday, 21 January 2013

ISO TC220 has posted several new documents.

ISO/CD 21009-2 Cryogenic vessels – Static vacuum insulated vessels – Part 2: Operational requirements and ISO/CD 20421-2 Cryogenic vessels – Large transportable vaccum insulated vessels – Part:2 Operational requirements have been sent out for Committee Internal Ballots (CIB). Members are requested to send comments before April 17, 2013. The comments have to be sent in the appropriate template. NGV Global has liaison status, so we are allowed to send comments. Any member who wishes to send comments through NGV Global should communicate their intentions to standards@ngvglobal.com  before March 31st.

The Comments on ISO/CD 21029-2 Cryogenic vessels – Transportable vacuum insulated -vessels of not more than 1 000 litres volume – Part 2: Operational requirements have been resolved by WG2. After modification of the CD text in order to incorporate the comments, the resulting document has been sent to ISO Central Secretariat  to be registered as a DIS



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