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Technical Forum (2014) – Long Beach CA, USA | NGV Global - natural gas vehicle association

Technical Forum (2014) – Long Beach CA, USA

Following the inaugural NGV Global Technical Forum in Mexico City as part of NGV Global 2012, the pattern was set for a follow up Forum in Long beach, California, as part of NGV Global 2014. This webpage provides links to Session 1 and Session 2 presentations from the Forum.

Despite a very large room being set aside, it was standing room only, with keen interest in the three sessions:

CNG Cylinder Issues

•   Fill Quality: ensuring customer satisfaction to leave a refuelling station with a full tank.

•   End of Life Issues: Safe disposal of CNG cylinders.

•   Cylinder re-inspection and re-testing techniques: Improved techniques and procedures.

•   Tank Valves: Design changes for safe removal; reliability of solenoid valves; cylinder/valve/PRD as a system.

Gas Composition and Quality

•   The discussion will identify the separate issues associated with the composition of CNG, and biogas/biomethane, allowing the Technology Forum to consider what actions by NGV Global might be appropriate to add to the debate.

LNG Issues

•   Techniques for minimising methane emissions from stations and on board tanks

•   Control of the dispensing process and quality of dispensed LNG

This final session does not have a presentation associated with it.

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